Friday, 14 August 2015

Hi Folks, We're back, a Life of a Multi!!!

Hi everyone, 

TW [Trigger warning]: To any other Survivors out there, this Blog could contain unintentionally Triggers, that could trigger any possible Alters, we apologize in case that could happen.

I am Lauren i am another alter, who now fully work's together with our Counselor / Coach Daniel Duval to dismantle the internal structures / systems on the inside, that on certain levels also operate as Internal Programming Centers. Meaning other Demonic [Demonized]] Alters breaking and splitting up other Alters. I took over temporarily from Taylor, she will be back soon, after things are much safer on the inside. The reason for Taylor's being inside is that certain events started to happen. The Darker 'Demonized' Alters started to get concerned that the core Robert wanted to start a Terminator type of WWIII against them, as Areala said to Taylor and Me. They [Darker Alters] even asked for re-enforcements from the Fallen Angels to help on the inside. Thank god Daniel had already left the seasoned ones behind that worked on the inside with Jack and Jeremiah. It won't matter if people won't belief in God and the Devil, as those forces are still there, no matter if people belief in them or not.  Alot of Bloodline SRA Survivors [and Non Bloodline SRA Survivors]  had to deal with this reality if they wanted it or Not!! The above counts for when children since birth were used in Bloodline [Illuminati] Programming. But also Children that suffered from long term exposure to various forms abuse [such as Sexual Abuse, etc] developing D.I.D.,  although their internal systems are not as highly structured and demonic in nature as with our Core [Robert] who underwent 47 years of active Programming. 

People should know that Multi's like us with [Polyfragmented] D.I.D., has Inner Worlds, that can be termed or can look like systems, that could contain, Castles, Dungeons, Villages, Towns and even complete Cities. This all plays out in whats termed the Subconscious Mind [Plane]. Depending on the Core's Programming, if he or she underwent extensive Mk-Ultra Programming and or similar or Programming through means like SRA [Satanic Ritual Abuse] the Inner Worlds can be quite extensive as in case of our Core [Robert]. In his case his actual [active] Programming took place for about 47 yrs of his physical life. It's all on Spiritual Planes. Robert's got Portals build-in that reaches into the Metaverse, what can go to the various dimensions / realms, what also could include other stellar locations. Depending on the Programming it can be very extensive to say the least. Sofar in dismantling the Internal Programming Centers that took place on other Interstellar bodies. I know it's hard to belief for everyday ordinary Folks out there, who may think we belong on a Mental Ward. As Daniel said before he got other clients with similar structures and even heard from other Christian. Counselors who came across similar things.  

As the saying goes: Sometimes Reality is Stranger than Fiction!!!  

Here below is how we both Me [Lauren, right handside] and Taylor [on left hand side] looks like on the inside. Ofcourse i couldn't find the exact pictures how we truly looks like, but this is the closest i could find sofar, as me [Lauren] i am 14 on the inside and that's also how I am resembles on the inside, except i am looking younger on the inside than on picture, but the hair on right hand is exactly how it looks inside. Each Alter [Personality] on the inside has his or her own looks, gender and different character traits. As i said before, one SRA-DID Survivor could have a whole City or even cities [such as a system] inside of him or herself, depending how intricate its programming has been structured. As we said before Robert has been for 47 years of his physical life under active Programming and has a very structured Internal Programming Centers, in which demonized [demonic] alters still traumatizing and splitting up other Alters.

People must realize that humans as Multi's like us, whom with the condition of [MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder] that they now call with a fancy term [D.I.D. = Dissociative Identity Disorder], got their own gender, age and even looks in their own Inner Worlds. It's like having a Village or a Town or even an  small City inside of one person, that people just know as Robert or as Jessica. But people like them could have Multiple Systems, what could have been made out of Towns, or even Cities living inside the subconscious  realms, what can be a unending space, depending on the severity of the Cult / Illuminati programming done on what one person, or depending on what type and or Severity of Trauma that a Multi has to undergo. People must realize that beside the physical Universe we also have other Dimensions / Realms, that's also connected with the bigger Metaverse. Programmers can program inside a SRA-DID Survivor Doorways and or Portals, that can access other dimensions and or Realms, this is what we call the Subconscious 'Plane.' See below the following diagram. most of demonic programming is done on whats termed as described above the Subconscious Mind. In case of our core 'Robert', they have created Doorways and or Portals that goes into the various physical and non physical planes.  They also do this by other SRA-DID Survivors aswell.

We're still with our Counselor Daniel Duval, alot has been happening since our last post almost some 9 months ago. Sofar over a period of 7 a 8 sessions we had number of breakthroughs on the inside and we have been setting free around 9586 plus alters and fragments and counting give or take a few. 

Also we had Kate [right handside] with quite a number of revelations on matters she had witnessed, aswell just recently with another Alter [by name of Clarissa 17yrs of age] who had similar experiences like Kate aswell. 

Sowell Clarissa and Kate were used in what Daniel describes as Interdimensional [Astral 'plane'] Temple Prostitution. See below the drawing that we created on behalf of Kate below. The drawing represents what Clarissa and Kate saw in the various Temples on the other Locations and Planes. Our counselor had other cases that had similar things as what our internal Alters / Personalities Kate and Clarissa had witnessed and experienced. The last time they were used was in 2012, what is not that long ago. 

As i said before, so much has been happening over the last 6 months alone. 

I must admit that Kate and Clarissa are so brave in coming forward in what they have been experiencing up till 2012, see the drawing above is what they had described to our counselor Daniel. They described to our Counselor Daniel that they were pulled out in Robert's body on the various physical location and than pulled out in astral form, and than underwent the sexual abuse in those Temples. This could be a location on Earth in astral plane or even off world in a numerous cases, the last time it did happen was in 2012, for both Clarissa and Kate, see drawing that was drawn up on their descriptions. Daniel our Counselor said, that Kate and Clarissa weren't the only ones he met with working with other SRA-DID Survivors. The hardest part is how most socalled normal people may think you're crazy when you start to remember on what has happened in your life and you telling about this. We know it has happened and may father God be our witness in this, amen!! We are truly great-full that Our Heavenly Father has send us help in counseling.

We just found out that Robert's fiancee [who is still stranded abroad a different story for another time maybe] was send from 2006 in Robert's life as his future wife and handler. This is something that we had confirmed just recently, what also means that she now has to come to grasp with this aswell. She starting soon her Counselling aswell, if she still want too be with Robert. She was used by the younger generation of the British de Rothschilds, she is another example of Illuminati Mk-ultra Monarch Programming. 

As stated before, we just started over an year and 4 months ago with our counselling with our amazing Christian Counselling, with God's send Daniel Duval as our current Counselor / Coach. We still gonna have a journey of years ahead before us, sofar we had set free over 9586 alters and counting...  

It's still gonna be a hell of a ride in the counselling. But we gonna be ready for things to come, especially now we also gonna have Areala and Arianna [both around 7.7 and 7.6 feet tall] on our side.

They both can start within 2 or 4 weeks when we will continue in raiding the internal Programming Centers, they sure gonna be a great asset in our struggle to set everyone free. In our last counseling session last thursday July 23rd, Daniel had a session with Areala live on phone and did a Deliverance on her.  Aswell with Ariana, although Ariana stayed under the Surface, what still works aswell, maybe we write their testimony in a follow up blog, if they're ok with this.. He want to use their services in the future in what they know, as former Punishers on the inside, what sure can be of great help in setting others free. In particular when we gonna raid the Darker areas under control by Darker Alters and the ones above them, the Powers and Principalities.

People should know that Powers and Principalities are deeply involved in deep programmed [Illuminati born] SRA Survivors like our core [Robert]. I know this sounds incredible  and scary, but unfortunately a true  reality. 

Here below is a link on excellent book that could benefit alot of SRA Survivors by title: The Shining Man - with Hurt Hands:

Here below is a link of Daniel Duval in his presentation on the internet radio show Hagman & Hagman report - Dimensions of Mind Control:

Here are two SRA Survivor Blogs of two Survivors, who're also close friends of us:

Links of Interview that our Counselor / Coach Daniel Duval had with us for his Daniel Duval Podcast:

I hope those Blogs will also be inspiring to other Survivors out there.

My hope with the Blogs is that we give others the Hope and Courage to come forward with their own Story. Aswell that Yeshua [Jesus Christ] is a True Healer who can heal the Brokenness inside of us Multi's. Robert's testimony will be for the Glory of God's Kingdom To Come in what GOD can undo in Survivors like Robert [our core] and others like him Out there!!

If they're Brave and Courageous enough to take the leap of Faith to embrace GOD!!

Robert's testimony in various ways also confirms what others like our friend Carolyn Hamlett has witnessed first hand and also that of another close friend by name of Loren Grace, bless them both, as they both are Bold Warriors for Father God Yehovah.  In our case without Carolyn Hamlett we never would have come across our current Counselor Daniel Duval, God bless  her for this, Amen!!

This has been written in my own authentic style, even if it may not comply with official grammar rules, but than what we have survived you can't bring it on paper in official writing. To me you only can bring it out as how it is, as Robert's experiences defy normal standards that most ordinary people go through... 

We will continue to write on this in future updates!!., 

Lauren xx.


  1. May the Lord God of Heaven bless and keep you

  2. We still gonna have a long way to go in Robert's deprogramming, sofar with more sessions we had done, we had uncovered and destroyed a number of high level deep Programming centers on inside in which we found much more alters and fragments being trapped into imprisonment. Sofar the clount must be now more closer to 15.000 and counting. Our Counselor / Coach said he found other SRA Victims who had similar things like us, and during counselling them, he found out that [high number of] alters even belonged to other SRA Survivors out there, what also could be the case in Robert's case. This also shows how diabolical and demonic Programmers are, what means that SRA Victims/Survivors under Secular Counseling never could be fully healed. Most people dont have a clue on this unfortunately. But we will continue in Robert's case and I hope that Robert's case can serve as a Beacon of Hope and Courage for other SRA Survivors out there!!! Amen!! Lauren xx.

    1. We've come across thousands of alters that belong to us as well, but like you say, we've also come across many thousands of alters or fragments that belong to other people. The angels minister to them, give them the Bread of Life, the Living Water and a little "goodie bag" (like a paper sack) that has a loaf of Bread, a bottle of Living Water, and a Seed of Righteousness so they can plant the Tree of Righteousness within their own system. Then they are escorted back into their OWN system by the angels and ministered to. :) Our Creator God is good, in that He loves ALL and cares for ALL, even the fragmented parts of our very being!! <3 :)

  3. There is no Bigger and Stronger Power than GOD's Divine Power!! Amen!! Lauren xx.

  4. Hi Loren, Lauren, and Taylor. My best friend is Cindy Lou. She is also SRA/DID survivor 55 yrs old. Her protector used to be called "the one" until Jesus gave her a new name JOY! That is my own middle name.So now I call her. LOU JOY. I believe all of you and know that your story is real and true. I grew up in a family with an abusive religious spirit. Through my friend's experience with the lower of our Holy Abba Father healing her and seeing many alerts free, my own faith has grown and my eyes opened. I am praying for all Survivors works wide for healing and freedom. I love you. Keep writing and sharing please. It is a blessing and so encouraging to read. Your friend and sister Cynthia.

  5. Hi Loren, Lauren, and Taylor. My best friend is Cindy Lou. She is also SRA/DID survivor 55 yrs old. Her protector used to be called "the one" until Jesus gave her a new name JOY! That is my own middle name.So now I call her. LOU JOY. I believe all of you and know that your story is real and true. I grew up in a family with an abusive religious spirit. Through my friend's experience with the lower of our Holy Abba Father healing her and seeing many alerts free, my own faith has grown and my eyes opened. I am praying for all Survivors works wide for healing and freedom. I love you. Keep writing and sharing please. It is a blessing and so encouraging to read. Your friend and sister Cynthia.

  6. Also, I am so very sorry for the horrific evil that has been done to all of you. I can't even imagine what it has been like. Praise the Lord that his grace mercy piwer and righteousness FAR SURPASSED the depths of evil and darkness. I look forward to celebrating your victory through Christ Jesus before the throne one day. I will be cheering loudly for all of you and for JESUS CHRIST! ! Cynthia

  7. Thank you Robert/Lauren and thank you Jesus Christ who is come in the flesh for the link to the Shining Man. Truly a lifesaver. Cate

  8. WE will continue to walk our Road with GOD nomatter what!!! Taylor xxx